Hydraulic filters and filtration systems – pressure-stable and suitable for all oil purity classes.

Hydraulikfilter und Filtrationssysteme

Exactly the right filter and cleaning system for your hydraulic application.

Hydraulic filters for hydraulic oil and lubricant applications reduce the number and size of solids in the hydraulic fluid. This will extend the service life of your unit, minimize machine failures and ensure the necessary operating conditions.

Our product range comprises an extensive and high-quality spectrum of suction filters, return filters, pressure filters and breather filters. These are used both in mobile and industrial hydraulics, as well as in process engineering or in test bench construction. Different hydraulic filter types can be used depending on the installation criterion, pressure range and location (return for pressure line).

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Suction filter

Suction filters or oil filters for suction operation are fitted on the tank, suction connection or directly in the suction line of the pump. By avoiding major contamination of the system, the filters protect the function of the downstream pump. Despite the suction filter, we recommend the use of an additional return filter. Note that suction filters can have a negative effect on the suction behavior of the pump. In order to avoid negative pressure in the pump circuit, no ultra-fine filtration is to be used.

  • As line or tank-mounted filter
  • Volume flows up to 500 l/min
  • Miscellaneous connection options
Rücklauffilter Tankanbaufilter

Return filter / tank-mounted filter

Return filters are especially recommended when a high amount of contamination is anticipated from the return flow. They are cost-effective and especially suitable for standard applications. The oil filters are installed at the end of the return flow line or directly in the tank and are designed as mounted or built-in filters.

  • Volume flows up to 1,000 l/min
  • Pressure range up to 25 bar
  • Miscellaneous connection options
Druckfilter Leitungsfilter

Pressure filter / line filter

Low-pressure line filters, medium-pressure filters and high-pressure filters are installed downstream of the pump unit, i.e. directly in the pressure line. All downstream components are protected. The application possibilities are manifold – from feed pumps, pressure lubrication to applications in compact or mobile hydraulics.

  • For operating pressures up to 400 bar
  • Volume flows up to 1,500 l/min
  • Intermediate plate, lower plate, block or line mounting possible

Ventilation filters

Our impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant ventilation filters are positioned on the pressure medium container and filter the air flowing in from the suction process of the pump. As a result, the filter units guarantee a contamination-free air supply to the containers. When choosing, make sure that the filter fineness of the ventilation filter is matched to that of the oil filter.

  • Connection up to DN 55
  • Operating temperature from -20 to +125 degrees Celsius
  • For almost every common nominal size

Filter elements and filter accessories

We carry a large selection of filter elements, spare parts and accessories for return line filters, suction filters or pressure filters, for spin-on filters, high-cycle filters or ventilation filters - system-compatible, exchangeable components that can be ordered even after many years.

  • Print elements
  • Return suction elements
  • Return elements
  • Suction elements
  • Air filter elements
  • Maintenance and oil indicators
  • Filter heads
  • Solid-state counter and much more

Filter units

Often a large part of the contamination already occurs during the filling process, e.g. during direct refueling from oil drums. This is why we generally recommend the use of a filter unit with which you can fill or empty your hydraulic units filtered. This enables an increase in the oil service life of your system without great effort. For maximum flexibility, most filter units are compact, lightweight and portable.

  • Volume flows up to 40 l/min 
  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 4.5 bar
  • Off-line filtration possible
  • Filling with defined oil purity
Structure and function

Filtration as fundamental prerequisite for oil purity for fluid management.

Hydraulic filters have a filter housing, a filter element as well as additional equipment such as a bypass valve or contamination indicator. The usually star-folded filter design guarantees a maximum filter surface area and contamination holding capacity in a small assembly space. The filter material, which mainly consists of glass fiber, keeps back the solid particles according to the pore size. The oil is filtered, contamination in the system is avoided, downtimes are reduced. Malfunctioning of the filter elements and the resulting increase in the number and size of solids leads to abrasion and wear on highly sensitive components. This results in malfunctions such as increased leakage, temperatures or, for example, insufficient pressure generation.

Aufbau und Funktion
Auswahl Hydraulikfilter

What to consider when choosing the hydraulic filter.

When selecting a filter, the viscosity must always be considered as well as the installation criteria, filter materials, separation rates, pressure stability and medium compatibility. The thicker the oil, the higher the flow resistance. The operating conditions must therefore be checked regularly. The selection of the appropriate filter fineness depends on the required oil purity class. After contamination or at least once a year, the hydraulic filters must be replaced. The regular assessment of solid contamination as part of a sample analysis in accordance with ISO 4021 or DIN ISO 5884 can also extend the service life of your hydraulic system.More about our hydraulic and fluid services.


Selected brand quality for longer service life and less abrasion.

Our cleaning systems and filter solutions protect the components and increase the operational availability of your hydraulic system. Simultaneously, costs for operating resources and maintenance are reduced over the long term.

Comprehensive filtration range from original equipment manufacturers

System-compatible filter solutions, e.g. from Bosch Rexroth, Filtration Group, Hydac, PALL or MP-Filtri for all common hydraulic fluids.

Filter fineness for all purity classes

Your application defines the filter fineness – we offer filters for all required oil purity classes according to ISO 4406.


Each of our hydraulic filters and filter components comply with the applicable standards of DIN 24550 – 2

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