Linear transfer technology - high precision and energy efficient feed speed.

The linear system as an alternative to hydraulics or pneumatics.

Our linear guides, linear motors and electromechanical axes are gaining in importance, in particular for applications with lower and medium power requirement, for example in the broad field of application of conveyor technology or machining technology. Previously, hydraulic or pneumatic systems were used to quickly and accurately move various loads. Today, in many projects, linear drive systems take over these tasks and, in addition, offer many advantages.   

Thanks to high-quality technical guide components and smooth-running seals in Linear transfer technology, we are able to achieve particularly high positioning accuracies, travel speeds and low friction losses. We are able to significantly reduce the drive energy and offer you a particularly energy-efficient solution with a high degree of efficiency. 

As a long-standing Bosch Rexroth partner mechanical engineering companies and system integrators benefit from completely ready-to-install linear systems, therefore saving time, effort and costs.

Elektromechanische Zylinder
Knoll Bindlach linear transfer technology

An efficient complete package from the experts.

On request, all electromechanical cylinders and linear axis systems are available pre-configured and ready-for-connection. In addition to pure Linear transfer technology components, we will gladly also offer the suitable automation. This avoids unnecessary interfaces and significantly increases the project efficiency. Your benefit: Development, construction, assembly, commissioning and programming all come from a single source - including responsive service and remote support.

The advantages of Linear transfer technology.

When choosing the right actuator, various criteria must be considered, such as positioning requirements, economic considerations, travel speeds, environmental aspects or environmental conditions. We assist you in finding the optimal drive solution and show you why using Linear transfer technology can indeed make sense.

Energy efficiency

Linear transfer technology offers enormous potential for energy savings at a comparatively high degree of efficiency and with a significantly lower impact on the environment (no risk of leaks, low noise).

High accuracy of positioning

For example, electromechanical cylinders offer positioning or repeat accuracies of only a few micrometers.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Linear transfer technology can quickly and easily be integrated into automation. Position, speed, acceleration and power are freely programmable.

Low maintenance

In contrast to hydraulic or pneumatic systems, the maintenance of a linear actuator does not require specialist knowledge. Costs for maintenance and repairs are correspondingly low.

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