Hydraulic replacement parts and components – high availability, quickly dispatched.

Komponenten Knoll

Selected brand quality with competent technical advice.

As an independent component supplier, we can offer you a broad, pre-selected range of brands with high-quality components, hydraulic replacement parts and accessories. We also take on where required the complete technical conversion of old components – even from manufacturers we do not stock.

Component range

The exactly correct component for your function.


Hydraulic valves

Switching valves and continuously adjustable valves

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Hydraulic pumps

Fixed displacement pumps and variable displacement pumps


Hydraulic cylinders

Round cylinders, tie rod cylinders, block cylinders, tensioning cylinders, swivel cylinders and rotation cylinders


Hydraulic motors

Fixed displacement motors and variable displacement motors


Hydraulic accumulators

Diaphragm accumulators, piston accumulators, bladder accumulators



Low pressure filters, medium pressure filters, high pressure filters, partial flow filters, filter units, filter elements


Sensor systems

Pressure sensors, filling level sensors, displacement sensors, flow rate sensors, flow sensors, particle sensors, contamination sensors

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Control blocks/connection plates

Connection plates, multi position connection plates, system control blocks, cover plates, intermediate plates, press control blocks



Axis controller, distance controller, temperature controller, speed controller, p/Q controller


Drive technology

Hydraulic drives for part turn valves, hydraulic servo direct drives


Your replacement part already in the factory the next day.

Because we know that sometimes it has to be quick, we have optimized our paths and processes for you. For orders arriving by midday, we dispatch your components on the same day. Even by 3 pm it can still be an express delivery.

Short delivery times

Due to high stock availability, well-functioning supplier networks and fixed contact partners.

Manufacturer independent

Thus free to choose without any compromise.

Technical advice

For the right product and a sustainable hydraulic solution.

100 % quality

In the form of reliable products with a long service life and high spare parts availability.