Electromechanical actuator - EMA

Der elektromechanische Stellantrieb (EMA)

The Electromechanical actuator (EMA) is a robust plug & run actuator designed for high forces in combination with large strokes.

The EMA is particularly suitable for harsh (salty) environments with high humidity and extreme temperatures, e.g. in the construction, marine, offshore and heavy industries.

It provides the user with a standard, configurable electromechanical actuator with a control cabinet and an IndraDrive drive system. An intelligent, freely programmable drive system enables the implementation of complex travel profiles. Parameters for force, position and travel speed can be set as required over the entire working stroke range.

Key features:

  • For outdoor use in harsh environments
  • Safety functions up to SIL 3 and performance level E
  • Plug & Run with optional control cabinet
  • Portfolio according to the modular principle:

    • Forces up to 1030 kN [231553 lbf]

    • Stroke lengths up to 6590 mm [259 in]

    • Linear speeds up to 833 mm/s [33 in/s]

  • On request, larger forces, longer strokes or higher linear speeds can also be realized outside the standard product portfolio.

Electromechanical actuator - EMA: Catalouge (german)


  • Ready-to-install solution - pre-assembled, with only a few defined interfaces
  • Sustainable, clean solution
  • Simple commissioning - Plug & Run
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy-efficient operation – Power-on-Demand
  • Cost savings through open standards in the control concept
  • "Safety on board" - Functional safety integrated
  • Remote access/I4.0 capability

Structural execution

The mechanical system in the EMA is based on proven screw drives with a wide range of combinations of types, diameters and leads. The screw drive converts torque into linear motion with a high mechanical efficiency into a linear motion. During this process, the piston rod, which is attached to the lead screw nut is extended and retracted. Both the screw drive nut and the piston rod are guided in the housing and are secured against and are secured against rotation. The screw drive in an EMA is driven by an electric motor.
The interface between the piston rod and the cylinder head is closed by a wiper to prevent the ingress of dirt. Thanks to grease lubrication, the EMA requires only minimal maintenance with long intervals.

Electrical design

The electrical system of the EMA consists of an electric motor and optionally several sensors and switches. The EMA can be controlled with a control cabinet from Rexroth. The EMA control cabinet consists of a controller (frequency converter or drive) with engineering functions such as force and position control (PFC).
In combination with a Bosch Rexroth drive controller and sensors, the EMA enables the integration of further safety functions such as safe direction of motion (SDI), safe stop (SS1) or safe torque off (STO). These safety functions are ensured by the Safe Drive technology in the frequency inverter.
The EMA communicates with the higher-level control system via a fieldbus system.ext

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