Linear axis systems – easy exact positioning


Ready-to-install linear units and linear motion systems, including drive and control technology.

Our linear axis systems offer highly precise and requirements-specific positioning. Why? Because we rely exclusively on high-performance modules from Bosch Rexroth, because we integrate suitable drive and control technology from the start and because we apply our know-how of linear drives into all our customers' projects. The customer and an efficient, precise drive solution is always our focus.


Compact module

  • Ready-to-install compact modules for sophisticated assembly and handling requirements in any length
  • High robustness, dynamic and rigidity of the linear axis
  • Drive of axes optionally with ball screw assembly or toothed belt. 
  • Five finely tuned sizes (based on a compact precision aluminum profile with two integrated, preloaded ball rail systems)
  • Identical outer profile dimensions between CKK and CKR
  • Maximum protection thanks to special resist cover

Linear module

  • Linear axes, optionally with ball screw assembly or toothed belt pinion
  • Individual lengths available - up to 12 meter
  • Integrated ball rail systems or cam roller guides, with zero backlash
  • Powerful toothed belt pinion or ball screw assemblies for reliable feed
  • High inherent rigidity thanks to compact aluminum profile

Precision module

  • Combination of ball rail system and ball screw assembly in a compact body
  • Extremely compact and rigid precision steel profile with stop edge and integrated Rexroth guide tracks
  • Rexroth precision ball screw assembly according to T7 tolerance class with zero backlash nut system
  • Fixed bearing traverse made of aluminum with pre-tensioned ball bearings and spindle pivots
  • Floating bearing traverse with double ball bearing
  • High travel speeds and positioning accuracy

Omega module

  • Compact precision aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth ball rail systems for optimal running
  • Particularly suitable for applications in which the main body immerses in the working space
  • Central lubrication option of the Rexroth ball rail system at the table section 
  • With center holes in the table section and at the end plates
  • Timing belt drive for high dynamics and travel speeds
  • Optionally including planetary screw assemblies or servo motor

Feed module

  • Particularly suitable for handling applications such as vertical axes 
  • Efficient operation, high load capacities and rigidity thanks to integrated, zero backlash ball rail system
  • High degree of efficiency at minimum drive power
  • Compact design
  • High positioning and repetition accuracy
  • Sealed guide

Ball rail table

  • High travel speeds
  • Exact, dynamic movement
  • Simple and quick maintenance options
  • Protected installation elements through high-quality, welded high speed bellows (oil and moisture-resistant)

Linear slide

  • Ready-to-install linear slides in any length
  • Two linear bushings, slides and mounting end plates each
  • Optionally with ball screw assembly or without drive, closed or open design
  • Very smooth running and long service life
  • PU bellows cover (optional)
  • Drive version with precision ball screw assembly (KGT)