Linear screw assemblies – for precise and efficient longitudinal movements.


We develop systematic modern and needs-based drive solutions.

Spindle drives convert rotary movements into precise linear movements. The force is transmitted via a ball screw or horizontal threaded spindle which moves a piston in the longitudinal direction. The clear advantage: Thanks to the low friction the machine requires significantly less drive power and allows for high feed speeds of up to 200 m/min. Mechanical efficiencies of 80 to 85 percent are quite realistic. 

Planetary screw assemblies are mainly used in medium to heavy mechanical engineering, for example injection molding and tool making. Ball screw assemblies are used to solve transport and positioning tasks in tool machinery with individual speeds, load ratings or overall lengths.  

Our Knoll experts provide you with advice, overhaul your existing linear screw assemblies or replace your old trapezoidal thread spindles with more efficient ball screws assemblies. We take care of timely procurement, the requirement-specific assembly and complete commissioning of your drive technology. We rely exclusively on the proven high-performance linear screw assemblies and linear technology from Bosch Rexroth.

Kugelgewindetrieb BASA

BASA ball screw assemblies

  • Large range for suitable drive solutions  
  • Optionally polished or whirled
  • Stable, even operation (based on the principle of internal total deflection)
  • Low axial play, very smooth running 
  • Adjustable, pre-tensioned single nut
  • High load rating thanks to large number of balls
  • Short nut length
  • Particularly low wear
Planetengewindetrieb PLSA

PLSA planetary screw assembly

  • Exceptionally extensive product range
  • Long service-life and low wear thanks to stable compact design
  • Even functioning (principle of synchronized planets)
  • Quiet operation
  • High travel speeds and force densities
  • High load ratings
  • High positioning and repetition accuracy