Profiled rail systems – unlimited stroke, maximum rigidity.


Ball rail systems and roller rail systems for a variety of industrial drive requirements.

Profiled rail systems allow for precise linear movements for various applications in international mechanical engineering. Balls or rollers are optionally used as rolling elements and guided between the guide rails and runner blocks on a track and are regularly deflected. This allows for the achievement of endless linear motions with unlimited lifting properties.

Ball rail systems or miniature ball rails systems are used when high acceleration and high speeds are required. Roller rail systems allow for high precision travel - even with heavy loads on the longitudinal assemblies.

Kugelschienen bzw. Profilschienen

Ball rails or profiled rails

  • Highest rigidity in all load directions
  • High torque load capacity

Ball rail systems

  • The same high load ratings in all four main directions of loading
  • Minimal noise level and optimum travel behavior
  • Maximum installation error compensation with super ball runner blocks
  • Limitless interchangeability as all ball can be combined with all ball runner block versions
  • Ball runner blocks made of aluminum - 60% less weight compared to steel ball runner blocks
Kugelschienenführungen NRFG

NRFG ball rail systems

  • Ideal for use in hygiene sensitive areas, such as the packaging industry and the food industry
Miniatur Kugelschienenführungen

Miniature ball rail systems

  • High load capacity in all load directions
  • All steel parts of the runner block and the guide rail are made of rust and acid resistant material according to ISO 683-17 / EN 10088.
  • Low friction

Roller rail systems

  • Unrestricted interchangeable parts thanks to uniform roller rails with and without cover strips for all types of runner blocks.
  • Very convenient maintenance thanks to lube ports on all sides
  • Minimum lubrication quantities required thanks to innovative channel design
  • Quiet running thanks to optimally designed roller return and guidance
  • Maximum rigidity in all load directions thanks to additional mounting holes in the center of the roller block

Cam roller guides

  • Reliable, also at high speeds
  • Compact design
  • Very low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Low friction and extremely quiet operation
Integriertes Messsystem für Kugel- und Rollenschienenführungen

Integrated measuring systems for ball and roller rail systems

  • Integrating the measuring technology into the linear guide results in a mechatronic system that combines the ability to guide mechanical loads and to measure length in one product. External measuring systems are no longer required.