Team Knoll now cycles to work on the “JobRad” bike.

Team Knoll fährt JobRad

Our hydraulics experts can now pedal even harder with the new “JobRad” company bicycle leasing scheme.

Cycling is fun, keeps fit, and is good for the environment. Plenty of reasons for the board of the Bindlach hydraulics specialist Knoll Hydraulik Group to introduce the “JobRad” company bicycle leasing scheme. All employees now have the opportunity to lease high-quality bicycles and electric bikes under the 1 percent rule. That means they can make significant savings compared to buying the bike themselves.

“We want to do something positive for our staff with this scheme. Cycling helps to clear the head and reduce stress. This is our way of keeping our people healthy”, says CEO Rudolf Artmann. 

Sustainable mobility

Operations Manager Christian Rieß adds: “We are always on the lookout for attractive extra benefits for our employees. To show our appreciation for good work in the first instance, and secondly, to live up to our reputation as a top employer brand. Hydraulic engineers are green-fingered when it comes to energy saving, and now also on a bike.”

How does the scheme work?

“The company leases the bike for the employee and retains a small portion of their monthly gross salary for the leasing payments. We also make a monthly contribution of EUR 20 and we pay for insurance. But the best bit is that the ‘JobRad’ can be used for leisure too”, so Sales Manager Stephan Reger.

Our internal company bicycle representative is full of praise for the simplicity of the “JobRad” leasing process: “It is very quick and easy. Co-workers select the bike they want at a local dealer. And they are free to choose whichever manufacturer or brand they prefer.”

We wish all our sports aces “leg power” and, of course, loads of fun with the new bikes!


Florian Spörrer

Manager of IT & Organization
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Florian Spoerrer

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