High performance oils, filter technology and mobile filling units from the hydraulics professional.


High performance oils, filter technology and mobile filling units from the hydraulics professional.

The best way to protect against contamination is to eliminate it as soon as possible or, ideally, to prevent it from entering your system at all. This can be ensured on the one hand by using verified and energy-efficient hydraulic oil, clean filling accelerators and low-maintenance filter technology.

KnollTec Öl Plus 32

KnollTec Plus 32 oil

A special long-lasting, temperature-resistant HVLPD hydraulic oil.

  • Stays clean for up to three times longer
  • Greater efficiency, lower consumption
  • Reliable start-up and pump protection
  • Longer service lives for pumps and components
  • Cavitation prevention
KnollTec Öl 46

KnollTec 46 oil

The HLPD quality mineral oil for standard applications in industry and mobile hydraulics.

  • Improved particle transportation (detergent effect)
  • Good dispersal capacity/good water carrying properties
  • Increased corrosion protection
Mobile Befüllaggregate

Mobile filling units – for rental too.

Mobile filling units offers you an ultra-quick and clean way of filling your hydraulic system and rinsing smaller hydraulic systems or cleaning these in the off-line system.

  • Maximum volumetric flow: up to 15 l/min
  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 4.0 bar
  • Viscosity range: from 5 to 650 mm2/s
  • Permitted suction connection: -0.4 bar to 0.5 bar 
  • Permitted fluid temperature range: -10 to 80 °C
  • Permitted ambient temperature range: -10 to 40 °C
  • Available in different sizes
Einfüllfilter, Belüftungsfilter und Wasserabsorber

Filling filters, venting filters and water absorbers

For clean fluid handling with integrated contamination display. 

  • Hole pattern in line with ISO standard and DIN 24557 T2
  • Absorber refillable or disposal version
  • Corrosion-resistant, robust filter housing
  • Elements have high dirt-holding capacity
Einfüllfilter, Belüftungsfilter und Wasserabsorber

Knoll filter element

Durable and reliable filtration thanks to low-maintenance and rapid-change 10 µm filter elements.

Öl ist nicht gleich Öl.
Oil is so much more than just oil.

Hydraulic oils, requirements and classifications.

Hydraulic oils are filterable hydraulic media required to transmit energy. This involves the oil being transported by a pump to the designated pipes whereupon a piston moves. This strong lever allows great forces to be generated despite comparatively low pump capacities.

The most important requirements include lubricity, hydraulic system cooling, corrosion and wear protection and optimized viscosity properties. Mineral oil-based and aging-resistant hydraulic oils standardized in accordance with performance class DIN 51524 (1,2 and 3) and DIN ISO 15380 in Germany are generally used:

  • H: Hydraulic oils with no additives
  • HL: Hydraulic oils with oxidation inhibitors and corrosion protection
  • HLP: HL hydraulic oils with additional wear protection
  • HVLP: HLP hydraulic oils with additional viscosity boosters
  • HLPD: like HLP, but with additives for boosting particle transportation (detergent effect), dispersal capacity and for boosting corrosion protection
  • HLP-AF: zinc- and ash-free hydraulic oil
  • HVLPD: the improved viscosity index and detergent effect combine the advantages of HLPD and HVLP