Oil cleaning, oil changes and hydraulic media filtration – the strength lies in the oil.


Giving your hydraulic oil exactly what it needs.

Based on the analysis results and prevailing operating conditions we recommend customized and practical measures for restoring the purity and functionality of your fluid and machinery.

Regular cleaning, optimum oil change frequency.

In some rare cases, a complete oil change may be necessary. The use of cutting-edge filter technology in itself often allows for a quick elimination of faults with minimum downtime. A professional oil check or oil cleaning will extend the life cycle of your lubricant while at the same time boosting its performance. At the point when contamination has become excessive or an oil change is due, will we carry out a full oil change together with tank and pipe cleaning. And that, as ever, without you noticing a thing.

Umfassende Maßnahmenberatung zur Ölreinigung

Extensive action recommendations for oil cleaning

Whether switching to high performance hydraulic oil is worth it for you, which measures you should take to restore the purity of your oil quickly and economically and what should be noted when draining your system – our team of experts can advise you on all fluid technology issues, devise and plan the necessary fluid services as well as the right time for an oil change.


Oil filtration

Based on the analysis results we tailor the necessary filtration measures to the maintenance periods for your machinery. Your hydraulic oil is then cleaned in-situ in the off-line system with filter elements down to a particle size of 2µm. Powerful mobile filter units or oil service equipment are used, which clean the medium at high throughput speeds.


Filter changes

Even hydraulic filters, lubricating oil filters and filter elements have limited service lives depending on the intensity of use. As such, these should be changed at regular intervals. Hydraulic filters play a key role in fluid management, because they retain undissolved particles, thus boosting the availability of your machine, protecting components and extending the service life of your medium. For this we use only tried and tested, durable filter systems from leading brand manufacturers that we keep in stock for all common degrees of fineness (from 2 to 20 µ).

Optimierung des Hydrauliksystems

Hydraulic system optimization

Each component is a potential source of contamination. That is why part of our fluid service involves analyzing the existing system architecture to ascertain where there is a need to upgrade to modern filter technology. Replacing obsolete components (retrofitting) with the latest performance components also contributes to extending the service life of your hydraulic oil and continuously reducing contamination in the system. 

Ölwechsel und Tankreinigung

Oil changes and tank cleaning

At some point every hydraulic oil must be changed, regardless of its quality and purity. It is after all subject to permanent pressure from temperature, pressure, contamination or water. The lubricant ages and loses its effectiveness and lubricity over time, and components too can be damaged by particulate matter in the medium. Our experts work closely with you to determine the optimum time for the upcoming oil change so as to prevent any unnecessary costs or damage to the environment. This happens simultaneously with tank cleaning, whereby we remove deposits and suspended particles from the system.

Reinigung der Leitung

Pipe cleaning

Clean hydraulic pipes are another key protective measure for preventing machine stoppages or gradual wear. The majority of the contamination here, i.e. rubber and metal particles, result during the production of the pipes. Thanks to the use of cleaning projectiles which are launched through the pipeline using a compressed air unit, we can clean your pipes and hoses in a few seconds and without any aggressive cleaning media.