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The connections of your hydraulic system are, so to speak, the weak points of each unit. That makes it all the more important to use connection technology that is designed perfectly for your thermal, mechanical and environmental conditions and that it is also refurbished at regular intervals

As an experienced hydraulic supplier, we offer a large and highly available range of pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant hydraulic hoses, hydraulic pipes, fittings, seals and hydraulic fittings in numerous designs, thicknesses and nominal widths. Corrosion-resistant solutions, which provide sealing for the entire service life of the product and meet the high requirements for leakage protection

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Hydraulic hoses

Our hydraulic hoses and plug-in hose systems provide a tight, flexible connection between the individual components and enable stress-free assembly within your hydraulic system. As a rule, standard hoses are delivered with pressed-on fittings at both ends. Since hydraulic hoses are subject to natural aging, it is necessary to replace them at regular intervals. It is important to pay attention to the required compressive strength and dimensional accuracy when making the selection. In addition, hoses must be designed to be stable and resistant to media, to absorb vibrations and to comply with the applicable standards.

In unfavorable storage conditions or with improper loading, rubber and rubber hoses change their physical properties. When storing, it is important to ensure that the room is cool, dry, dust-free and ventilated – never store outdoors or in the proximity of chemicals, fuels and solvents. Because of the natural aging, the service life of a hose is limited. The service life of a hydraulic hose according to DIN20066 should therefore not exceed six years (maximum storage life 2 years). 

  • Hydraulic hose sub-types: Steel braided hose, textile braided hose 
  • Nominal pressure: up to 450 bar
  • Nominal width: DN 5 – 150 
  • Materials: Rubber (synthetic rubber) or caoutchouc (synthetic rubber)
  • Temperature ranges: from -55 °C to +135 °C

Hydraulic screw connections

Hydraulic screw connections and fittings provide a tight connection between hydraulic hoses or hydraulic pipes and the component. Because screw connections, sealing cones and nozzles often have to perform reliably under extreme conditions, the requirements for compressive strength, tightness and corrosion resistance are especially demanding. In addition, they must comply with all application-specific and industry-specific standards. Because of their easy disassembly and modular expansion options, hydraulic screw connections are suitable for versatile use in industrial hydraulic systems or mobile work equipment. 

  • Screw connection types: Gauge couplings, sealing cone, intermediate socket with sealing cone, angle socket, screw-in socket, bulkhead socket, T-socket, reduction connections and much more.
  • Versions: heavy and light design series L, LL, S, galvanized (chrome-free) or stainless steel, metallic or soft sealing
  • Tube outer diameter D1: 4 – 42 mm
  • Nominal pressure PN: up to 800 bar for series S

Hydraulic seals

Hydraulic seals are usually elastomers, which are used as sealing material to connect two components, e.g. in hydraulic cylinders, and thus prevent fluid leakage. Hydraulic seals can be distinguished according to their design and the respective materials. Apart from a competitive price and our high-availability range, medium and temperature resistance as well as a corresponding resistance to aging are the main factors in the product selection process. The advantages are the simple assembly and exchangeability as well as the production of detachable connections. At the same time, leakage can be eliminated very quickly and efficiently. 

  • Design: O-ring, R-ring, flat seal, profile ring, liquid seal, piston seal, wiper, rod seal, rotational seal, etc.
  • Material-related versions: NBR, FKM (viton), EPDM, H-NBR, PTFE etc.
  • Temperature ranges: from -200 °C to +270 °C

Hydraulic couplings

Hydraulic couplings or hydraulic quick couplings provide a connection between two modules, which can usually be separated without tools, by connecting one half of the coupling securely to the following hydraulic component, e.g. via a hose. Integrated check valves prevent the connected lines from running empty. In addition to low flow resistance and fast disassembly, the couplings must be robust and wear-resistant throughout the entire service life and must withstand all prevailing pressures and temperatures reliably.

  • Versions: Screw couplings, plug-in couplings (flat-sealing), single couplings, multi-couplings and much more, optionally with coupling accessories and tear-off holders
  • Nominal pressure: up to 1000 bar
  • Size: from 1- 8 (industrial standard), DN 06 – 50
  • Temperature ranges: from -30 °C to +125 °C

Hydraulic tubes

Hydraulic tubes or tube pipes guide and direct the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system. When used in conjunction with the appropriate screw connection (WALFORM, cutting ring or flanging), the resulting connections are resistant to aging and permanently sealed, and must be adjusted to the respective media, volume flows and thermal conditions. No matter whether seamless processing or alloyed or phosphated surfaces for particularly aggressive environments – expert advice will help you plan your system for the best possible safety and durability. Pipes can be purchased with different test certificates (standard EN 10204). The better the test certificate, the higher the guaranteed quality in terms of compressive strength and safety.

  • Versions: seamless precision steel tube made of various materials, such as stainless steel, steel, E235, E355
  • Surfaces: bare, galvanized
  • Wall thicknesses: from 1 mm - 4 mm
  • Outer diameter: from 6 mm - 42 mm


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System-compatible connection technology from quality-oriented brand manufacturers such as Indunorm, Parker, HANSA-FLEX, Eaton, Continental, Voss, Havit, Exmar, Swagelok, Seal Concept, Bosch Rexroth, SKF, Walther Präzision, Cejn, Faster and Benteler.

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We supply you only with precision-fit, pressure-resistant and medium-compatible components that are perfectly matched to your industry and application.

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Each of our components complies with the required industry standards (e.g. DIN EN 853, DIN EN 856, EN 10305) and has been tested by the manufacturer. A good example of this is our partner Indunorm, who guarantees compliance with the specified press dimensions for hose production by means of a patented test procedure for measuring 45° and 90° nipples. 

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