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Hydraulic motors change hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. These so-called oil motors are divided into slow-speed and high-speed motors depending on the speed or into clockwise, counterclockwise and reversible hydraulic motors depending on the rotational direction. The most common hydraulic drives include gear motors, vane motors, axial piston motors and orbital motors.

Our hydraulic motors meet the expectations of our customers with regard to efficiency, drive power, service life, displacement range, temperature resistance, installation space and pressure resistance. We offer a wide range of high-availability hydraulic motors in all current types, variants and sizes. We use high quality brand engines from renowned manufacturers such as Sauer Bibus, Eaton, Bosch Rexroth, HAWE and Parker.

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Gear motors

Gear motors are constant motors for alternating directions of rotation. A distinction is made between internal and external gear motors. The pressure fluid flowing to the motor acts on the gears and delivers torque via the motor shaft. As a rule, gear motors are used for mobile hydraulics, water power or forestry and agricultural technology as well as for driving conveyor belts, fans or screw conveyors.

External gear motors have two counter-rotating gears. The benefits are its compactness, flexibility, long service life and low price. Internal gear motors in contrast are designed with two co-rotating gears (internal and external). Production is more complicated than with external gear motors, but because of the modular principle we can still offer a high level of availability. In addition, this design is attractive because of its low pulsation, low-noise operation and high speeds. 

  • nominal size: 2.5 - 90 cm3/r
  • Maximum operating pressure P max: up to 280 bar
  • Maximum volume flow Q max: 200 l/min
  • design: Internal gear and external gear version

Axial piston motors

Axial piston motors transform hydraulic energy into a rotating motion. The individual pistons are actuated by the volume flow of the medium. The axial piston motor is made up of shafts, housing and piston and is available either as variable displacement motor or constant motor.

The high-speed motors offer good controllability and energy efficiency, at the same time this type of motor requires comparatively little space for installation. Because of their high speeds and power density, axial piston motors are mainly used in hydropower, travel drives, industrial applications such as heavy machinery construction or mobile machinery in agricultural, forestry and construction engineering.  

  • nominal size: 5 - 1,000 cm³/r
  • Maximum operating pressure P max: up to 500 bar
  • Maximum volume flow Q max: 3,500 l/min
  • design: Swash plate or inclined axis versions, with constant or variable displacement volume

Radial piston motors

Radial piston motors are high-pressure motors for applications with high torques and low speeds. The mechanical movement is generated by pressure fluid columns, which press directly on an eccentric shaft and thus initiate the rotation of the output shaft. Because the rotational direction can be effected on both sides, the drive system can be used particularly flexibly. Due to their high displacement volume, robustness and resistance to temperature changes and good efficiency, radial piston motors are especially suitable for applications in industrial and mobile hydraulics, e.g. in plastic injection molding machines, agitators or crane systems. 
- nominal size: 63 - 3,800 cm³/r
- Maximum operating pressure P max: up to 470 bar
- Maximum volume flow Q max: 380,000 l/min
- design: with constant or variable displacement volume, for open or closed circuit applications


Orbital motors

Orbital motors or low-speed motors are especially used wherever low speeds with high torque are required, e.g. in agricultural and forestry engineering, in civil engineering or in the utility industry. By pressurizing the tooth chambers, the gear wheel of the motor rotates and circles eccentrically around the center of the shaft. 

Our orbital motors have a particularly long service life, uniform running characteristics, above-average load capacity and low and cost-effective fuel consumption. 

  • nominal size: 8 – 400 cm³/r
  • Maximum operating pressure P max: up to 450 bar
  • Maximum volume flow Q max: 160 l/min
  • design: for open or closed circuit applications, various sizes and shaft designs
Structure and function

Oil motors transform hydraulic energy into a rotating motion.

A hydraulic motor consists of a motor housing, a shaft, seals as well as various engine components, which vary depending on the design. For example, if pressure oil is fed to a gear motor, torque values are transferred to the output shaft. This depends on the displacement volume and the resulting pressure difference. The greater the volume flow, the higher the speed at the drive shaft. Constant motors provide a constant force and speed at a constant volume flow and pressure. With variable displacement motors, the displacement volume is adjustable per cycle, which for design reasons is only possible with vane motors or piston designs.

The objective is always to avoid loss of flow and to maximize the efficiency of the hydraulic motor. This way it is possible to reduce the total cost of the hydraulic system. By contrast, malfunctions in the hydraulic motor can result in loss of performance, increased oil leakage and rising operating temperatures. 

Aufbau und Funktion
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When selecting your hydraulic motor, it is important to pay attention to the following:

The most important decision criteria when purchasing a hydraulic motor are, apart from the price-performance ratio, the required displacement volume, the permissible torque or force of the shaft and the motor, as well as the rotational direction of the drive shaft and the corresponding service life. For applications with low and medium power requirements in particular, it may also be useful to consider linear technology as an especially precise and energy-efficient form of drive. We are looking forward to assisting you.


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