Calibration system for pressure sensors with a mobile add-on variant.

Pressure sensor calibration system

High-pressure precision - a new pressure test bench for testing HP of up to 700 bar and frequency levels of max. 2 Hz.

When developing drive systems, the requirements placed on the test bench technology used are huge. This was also the case for one of our long-standing customers, who in 2017 tasked us with creating the extension ("add-on") for our LP testing system, which has been being put to successful use since 2014. The calibration of pressure sensors in the high-pressure range of up to 700 bar was paramount in the solution. We manufactured and installed all the test bench components in just 10 months, commissioning the pressure test bench in August 2018.

The most stringent static and dynamic pressure testing requirements.

Our customer needed static and dynamic pressure tests designed up to a maximum of 700 bar to calibrate their pressure sensors. A sinusoidal pressure signal path therefore had to be implemented both for the preload and for the test in a frequency range of 1 - 2 Hz.

Test bench technology to go.

The HP test bench was created in a mobile design as an add-on to the existing main system, and it can be coupled, decoupled or disconnected from the system entirely using a quick-lock coupling. The main system of the test bench is designed for LP testing up to 250 bar, while the add-on is designed for HP testing up to 700 bar.LP testing up to 250 bar, while the add-on is designed for HP testing up to 700 bar. A pressure transducer developed in-house, known as the "booster", generates the required test pressure. The primary inlet pressure from the main system is scaled to the desired pressure value according to the respective transmission ratio. An electrohydraulic 4/3-way servo valve from Moog carries out the required regulation tasks. Thanks to the oil / water cooling integrated in the hydraulic system, the test bench works reliably and precisely even with pressure preloads lasting several hours during continuous stress tests, for example.

In addition to the significant pressure range, plus the large amplitudes and frequency levels, our customer benefits from exact reproducibility of the pressure values. Position-monitored shut-off devices and cover contact switches for releasing programs offer a high level of operator and system safety during the daily test routine.

The most important details about the project:

  • Implementation time: October 2017 to August 2018
  • Customer requirements: Development of a pressure test bench for static and dynamic pressure testing up to 700 bar 
  • Our solution: 250 bar main system for LP testing, 700 bar add-on for HP testing, pressure transducer developed in-house with a special sealing system and piston position indicator, regulation via an electrohydraulic 4/3-way servo valve from Moog, internal gear pump with Qmax of 5.5 l / min
  • Special features: HD test bench as a mobile version


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Markus Koppensteiner

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