Change in management – Marc Hübsch becomes new MHS general manager.

Marc Hübsch wird neuer MHS Prokurist

Marc Hübsch is the new general manager of MHS Hydraulic Systems GmbH and moves up as of the 10.31.2017 to the management board. Thereby the Munich native succeeds, at just 36 years of age, our outgoing managing director Bernhard Schmitz.

He is without a doubt a prime example of one of those special success stories which are representative of the internal career opportunities at MHS and Knoll Hydraulics. Already in the company group since 1998, the passionate hydraulic engineer came to MHS in 2001 and completed his apprenticeship as a wholesale and international trade specialist. He did his MBA in 2008 (VWA) and gradually acquired comprehensive expertise in various departments, which makes him today one of our most experienced employees.

That's why it was an absolutely logical step for the company’s directors that he became the successor to our retiring managing director Mr. Schmitz, and follows Mr. Riesbeck into management of the business. On the occasion of his promotion into management, we didn’t let the opportunity pass of asking Mr. Hübsch about his prospective style going forward, and his future plans.  

In your opinion, what does the Knoll brand stand for?

“Definitely for continuity and constancy, the quest for quality and an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. You don’t make hasty decisions, instead always with a cool head and a sustainable view. Our employees notice that, but also our customers too with each project.  We are specialists in our field, with unique experience, but also with the necessary prerequisites to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers.”

In your opinion, where do the biggest challenges for the hydraulics of tomorrow lie? Where are we heading?

“We will harness the rapid pace of technological change and the resulting opportunities both for us and our business partners. On the one hand, this means to test and deploy new technologies, but also to develop individual customer solutions that set us apart from the competition. Of course, the topic of servo motors, 3D planning and process digitization have a vital role to play in our MHS road map."

How does the new MHS general manager tick, and where do you see your particular strengths?

“Firstly I reckon that all of the employees, but also some of our customers, already know me pretty well. Ultimately I’ve grown step by step with the company and the projects.  I have an eye for detail and get a kick out of analyzing and optimizing processes as well as products. My dealings with colleagues and business partners is open, honest but also determined. Personally, I see myself as a grounded optimist and always with a slight tendency toward perfection as well. 

I’m looking forward to decisively shaping and advancing the future of our company together with Mr. Riesbeck. Let’s get started!"

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