Expansion in the overhead - Christian Rieß and Stephan Reger from now on managing directors.

Christian Rieß and Stephan Reger

In total 45 years of experience, a can-do mentality and a clear signature: The pair Reger and Rieß join the management of Knoll Hydraulik GmbH & Co KG.

As of 07/31/2019 it is official. The contract was officially signed by the two new Managing Directors Christian Rieß and Stephan Reger in the presence of Manfred Knoll, Rudolf Artmann and the lawyer Mr. Görner at the head office of our corporate group in Bindlach. “This decision was due given the successful and long  cooperation at management level”, says Rudolf Artmann, Managing Director of Knoll Industrie-Beteiligungen Geschäftsführungs- GmbH.

Clear competences.

The roles of the two new managing directors are clearly defined and organized. While Stephan Reger is responsible for all external tasks, such as sales or customer and supplier policy, Christian Rieß is responsible for plant management and all internal tasks, such as project planning and production process optimization.

What will change for our customers and suppliers?

“Almost nothing. Because both positions have already existed within the company for many years”, explains Stephan Reger. “The only thing that will change in the future is the decision-making process. It will be even shorter. Our customers and suppliers therefore benefit from an even faster response time when it comes to processes and projects. Every cog fits. Not only us, but also our entire team is perfectly in tune.”

Systematic further development and specialization

The two managing directors continue the successful growth in strategic terms. “The development of the Knoll Hydraulics brand and the issue of automation are the focus of our master plan. It is our aim to position the company among the top 5 Bosch Rexroth partners in the future. For this purpose, we invest continuously in the development of our technologies, but also in building technology and the existing infrastructure. One of our first tangible actions has been the expansion of the test bench business. As of today, we still have enormous potential in this area”, says Managing Director Christian Rieß.

Stephan Reger adds: “The development into a system integrator of hydraulics, drive and control technology, linear technology and assembly technology is of decisive strategic importance. Our clients and us, as hydraulic engineers, become even more flexible by reducing response times even further and aligning the entire process with the requirements and needs of our clients. The focus is on the complete package with an exceptional industry-wide service and not on individual isolated services or components.”

A strong employer brand for the region.

“Our employees are and will always be our real key to success. That is why we want to establish Knoll in the region as an employer brand more firmly than ever in order to stay attractive for highly qualified specialists and hydraulic professionals in the future,” emphasizes Christian Rieß. “To do so, we have already started a number of initiatives and will certainly not stop now as managing directors. For us it is essential that young people in particular get a clear signal that they can achieve something important and long-lasting here with Knoll. We offer above-average bonuses, but also provide opportunities for high-quality specialization. The regular further development and transfer of know-how within the team will make us even more powerful and innovative in the future. A win-win for both sides.”

The two new Managing Directors at Knoll Hydraulik.

Stephan Reger

Stephan Reger

  • Born in: Bayreuth
  • Education/studies: Machine fitter, CNC machine setter, programmer
  • Special expertise: mechanical engineering, programming of hydraulic symbols in Elcad, 26 years of hydraulic experience
  • Previous main areas of activity: Hydraulic project planning, circuit diagram development and coordination of aggregate construction, construction of symbol library, sales engineer and key account manager, authorized signatory, sales manager
Christian Rieß

Christian Rieß

  • Born in: Bayreuth
  • Education/studies: Industrial technician, Industrial engineering and mechanical engineering technician
  • Special expertise: special mechanical construction for the automotive industry
  • Previous main areas of activity: Hydraulic project planning with 3D design, technical management, plant management and authorized signatory


Christian Rieß

+49 9208 657439-10
Christian Riess

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