MHS managing director Bernhard Schmitz retires.

Bernhard Schmitz geht in den Ruhestand

Our colleague, founder and managing director Bernhard Schmitz quietly says goodbye after a career in hydraulics spanning 45 years.

After more than 45 years of service and his successful term as MHS managing director, Bernhard Schmitz is commencing a well-deserved retirement at the age of 63. The certified mechanical engineer and passionate hydraulic engineer founded today’s MHS in 2002 and, together with his colleague Mr. Riesbeck, decisively shaped and advanced it.  

A look back. 

On the occasion of his retirement, our managing director remembers in particular an unforgettable tale that took place with one of our customers in South Africa: “There, two incorrectly mounted hydraulic accumulators pierced a car manufacturer’s roof. As if by a miracle nobody was injured back then, there was just a lot of body damage to the cars - many rust-free cars.”

Looking back, he wakes lyrical about technical developments in the last decade, for instance in the field of 3D: “Today we are in a position to draw circuit diagrams with electronic support and to realistically depict power units in 3D via Solid Works. An incredible simplification and innovation, which at the time of my apprenticeship still seemed inconceivable."

A tip for the up-and-comers.

For our young hydraulic engineers, he recommends: “Concern yourself specifically and in detail with the physics of hydraulics. The symbiosis of hydraulics and electronics has brought us quantum leaps forward in terms of hydraulic applications. They should delve into this technology in particular. That is where the future lies. Likewise in servo motors.”

A little melancholy, but also pleasant anticipation.

To the question of what he'll probably especially miss after his retirement, the hydraulic specialist answers: “The always open, fair, constructive, and indeed often comradely collaboration with colleagues and employees. Our teamwork has always brought us all a great deal further forward. Everyone could learn something from the other.”

Bernhard Schmitz now looks forward (with a grin) to the time after hydraulics: “I have six grandchildren aged between two and 15 years. You can believe me that I will definitely not get bored in the future either.”

The entire MHS team would like thank our founder and long-standing managing director for his friendly and always constructive collaboration and on this occasion wishes him all the best for his future. We are delighted that, even after his retirement, he is going to be on hand for us, and some key customers, as a consultant and advisor. 

We'd like to say thank you!

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