Plant manager Lutz Hientzsch retires.

Lutz Hientzsch

Time to say goodbye! At age 64, Lutz Hientzsch is bringing down the curtain on an unprecedented career.

From 2001, the native of Riesa and proud family man led Knoll Hydraulic Systems Chemnitz GmbH into the age of industrial hydraulics. Today, after more than 42 years of intensive work, the likable Saxon is taking up a whole new challenge: his well-deserved retirement. 

A look back.

What at the time started with a newspaper ad in the free press, developed into a genuine and long-term partnership. After completing his mechanical engineering studies and numerous stints in machine construction or as a sales engineer for high pressure hydraulics, he changed jobs in 2001 and joined the Knoll Group in Chemnitz. Here the trained metallurgist and qualified engineer served as an operations manager of various departments. A special challenge at that time was the enormous accumulation of requests for quotations that he, together with his team, gradually had to work through.

With his expertise in the area of complex hydraulic units and high-pressure hydraulics, he made an important contribution in the development of Knoll Hydraulic Systems Chemnitz: from a dealer in Bosch components to a reliable partner and problem-solver for many manufacturers of special purchase machinery. “In spite of the loss of the backing from Bosch, we held our own in an extremely competitive market with numerous hydraulics suppliers in the Chemnitz area.”

“The new applications were always exciting, for which there was still no useful empirical knowledge. Thus, for instance, HFA units for the high-pressure recasting of components for H&T, the commissioning of the first digital-controlled RPP, or the first 4-axis control for jerk." 

Regarding the question of special milestones in his Knoll career, Lutz Hientzsch likes to remember setting up the series production of weldseam shearing devices. “In hindsight, that was the most important step for a stable operation in Chemnitz. Since the end of 2005 alone, we have manufactured nearly 2200 shearing devices, with very tidy sales of approximately 3.6 million euros. “

What will you miss in particular?

"I am going to miss the cooperation in the small but fine team. Taking on other people’s jobs (due to holiday or illness). But also the conversations and solving problems with our customers, especially the designers and developers.”

What advice would you like to give our young up-and-coming hydraulic engineers?

“The most important thing is to have no fear of new solutions and to be open to innovations. Thanks to the development of the internet, you can acquire significantly more knowledge independently than you could even 15 years ago. There’s no point marking time, you must constantly educate yourself further and make use of the wide range of training opportunities. Go about project development very meticulously. This saves unnecessary extra work and a lot of nerves.”

And what does your gut feeling say regarding forthcoming retirement?

“Probably the most drastic moment after 42 years of professional life! One eye is laughing, while the other sobs! I’ll certainly not be bored owing to the backlog of renovations to my house and property. Of course there are also a lot of bike paths to ride and some alpine passes for the motorbike (he says with a grin).”

The entire Knoll Hydraulic Chemnitz team would like thank our long-standing plant manager for his always friendly and dedicated collaboration and also on this occasion wish him all the best for his retirement. We are pleased that he will be on hand even after his active career ends for special projects in an advisory capacity. On 11.30.2017, he will hand over the management of the plant to Mr. Norman Graube.

We'd like to say thank you!


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