Repair, maintenance and retrofit of hydraulic control units.

Repair Hydraulic Control Units

When professional repair is faster and cheaper than a new installation.

Professionals with over 40 years of experience in the hydraulic service sector, we specialize in the repair and overhaul of mechanical hydraulic control units. Whether you require urgent repairs within 24 hours or a complete retrofit of your obsolete control technology - thanks to our extensive warehousing and well-established network of manufacturers, we can procure all necessary components in the shortest possible time and carry out repairs within a few working days.  This includes not only current control units, but also very old ones, such as HY/S20 units found in 1960s tractors, which are repaired in our own factory.

Most control units are installed in tractors.  In this case, they take over the height adjustment of the tractor linkage, supports and rear hydraulics. Separate control units are used to operate attachments (tippers, mulchers, mowers, slurry tanks or front hydraulics).

Your control units on the test bench.

Often, repairing a control unit is more economical than replacing it with a new one. This is especially true when new valves can no longer be purchased and costly replicas with all the necessary adaptations would have to be used. A bench test provides initial information on the extent to which components can regain performance through repairs or overhauls.  The control units, likewise double- and single-acting auxiliary control units, are initially tested and calibrated on the test bench according to the manufacturer's specifications. Control units are tested for internal leakage and tightness, as well as leakage in lowering and non-return valves.

Control units are then expertly repaired.  Our specialists replace damaged or porous seals and the relevant lowering and non-return valves. The adjustment of the pressure relief valve, the neutral range and the milling of the seat of the lowering valve are also an integral part of our repair services. If a damaged control unit can no longer be repaired, we procure the original parts or use our extensive network of manufacturers to obtain corresponding replicas, for example, unavailable control units from Bosch Rexroth.

Efficient and economical retrofit concepts.

A retrofit of obsolete hydraulic control units is particularly necessary when the control components used are no longer manufactured, can no longer be repaired, or only operate at a loss. If this leads to wear or if important technical requirements such as server connection or networkability are simply missing, we will convert your outdated control technology with a retrofit concept. In doing so, we make use of highly available control units from other brand manufacturers that can be integrated into your system technology sustainably and with a minimum of downtime.


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