Team Knoll fails to surprise at the ProComp Soccer World Cup.

ProComp xBox Fussball-WM

This year the challenge cup of the Marktredwitz system house ProComp goes to the Brazilian team of V.Fraas.

It was one of those days when the "round thing didn't want to go into the square box". Just in time for the World Cup in Russia, our esteemed partner, the Marktredwitz system house and IT service provider ProComp, invited all its customers to the great digital ProComp xBox soccer World Cup. Two xBox cracks from Knoll Hydraulik also competed.

Spoilt for choice.

There was great speculation about the team line-up in the run-up to the competition. In the end, our coaching team nominated Mario Schneider from Accounting and Sebastian Hutzler from the Service department. After intensive preparation our sports aces were in top condition and had at least a calculated chance against last year's winning team.

All 18 E-athletes arrived at the ProComp Word Championship arena on 07.05.2018. The competition kicked off with round 16, and the players were drawn under strict observation. The competitors "played" partly in parallel and partly successively on the latest xBox consoles and of course using the latest Fifa software. Knoll played the teams Argentina (Sebastian Hutzler) and Japan (Mario Schneider).

At least, further than the original.

Despite a passionate and committed performance from our two World Cup heroes, it was all over in round 16. At first, we were able to play our role as underdogs, but in the end, the favored opponents had quickly adjusted to our more defensive game tactic. We said goodbye to the big World Cup stage with 0:1 and 0:3 and left the field to the winning team Brazil of V.FRAAS, who delivered an exiting exchange against England (alias team SOPHOS) with 3:2 in the final. This year the coveted challenge cup goes from the reigning world champion Mr. Maisner of ProComp to Helmbrechts. We say congratulations!

Also at this point, we would like to compliment and thank the tournament organizers around Daniel Feindt as well as all participating E-athletes for this successful company event. We look forward to a hopefully more successful sequel for us next year.


Florian Spörrer

Manager of IT & Organization
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Florian Spoerrer

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