Hydraulic unit for a development test bench.

Hydraulikaggregat für einen Entwicklungsprüfstand.

Complete test bench hydraulics with electrical control equipment and separate measurement data acquisition.

On behalf of a well-known automotive supplier and long-standing customer, we manufactured an integrated hydraulic system for a permanently operated valve development test bench in only 16 weeks.

In addition to the hydraulic equipment, both the electrical control and the hardware for the measurement data acquisition and device under testing control had to be supplied. The particular challenge was to place all functions and interfaces in a separate control cabinet and ergonomically arrange these for the operator. Additional requirements included, among other things, operationally reliable hydraulic equipment designed for continuous operation, a low oil volume in the tank and a low noise level of less than 75 dB(A) as well as the frequency-controlled pump drive. 

This is how we solved the task:

All engineering services and constructions were handled completely in-house. In close coordination with our customer, we manufactured a compete hydraulic unit including temperature control (+/- 1°C) and digital radial piston pump with fieldbus connection. The temperature control in the tank takes place via an oil-water shell-and-tube heat exchanger and immersion heater, and the filtration via the pressure and bypass filters. Thanks to an insulated tank, the temperature control of the medium is particularly energy-saving.

Inline particle measurements in the cooling filter cycle ensure permanent monitoring of the oil purity. For the control technology, only Beckhoff control components with EtherCat connection were installed. The device under testing control and the measurement acquisition takes place in a separate control cabinet. In addition to the installation option for 19" devices in the test bench, the front panel interface is equipped with various BNC and 4 mm safety sockets. 

They hydraulic system was delivered on time on site of the customer, and after consultation with the factory management, commissioned by our specialists, including all piping and wiring of the finished test bench.

The most important thing about the project: 

  • Implementation time: 16 weeks. 
  • Customer requirements: Test bench hydraulics with electrical control equipment and separate measurement data acquisition. 
  • Our solution: Hydraulic unit with temperature control and digital radial piston pump. 
  • Special features: Insulated tank for energy-saving temperature control, EtherCat connection, flow rate up to 100 l/min at a pressure of up to 300 bar.
  • Advantages: Complete solution including electrical control equipment, device under testing control and measurement data acquisition.

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