Test bench hydraulics for plain bearing tests in wind turbines.

Test bench hydraulics for plain bearing tests

Maximum measurement data precision for optimum efficiency and longevity.

Within a given project period of only four months we designed and manufactured a complex hydraulics test bench including the entire electrical control and measurement data acquisition.

In addition to the oil supply for three lubrication points at the test specimen, pressure and volume flow controls need to be performed independently for each lubrication point. Another customer requirement for the test bench technology was the implementation of feed pressures of a minimum of five to a maximum of 20 bar, at a temperature control of up to 70°C. 

This is how we solved the task:

The viscosity of the oil at 320mm2/s, was a particular challenge. The filtration of the fluid is made possible via special pressure filters, and the temperature control in the test bench tank is performed via an oil-water plate heat exchanger and a separate immersion heater. In addition, we solved the requirements for the volume flow and pressure control via the control of the three motor-pump combinations with 3 frequency converters. Accordingly, pressure and volume flows ranging from 1 to 20 bar, and 1 to 20 l/min respectively can be realized. The volume flow measurement is performed via a high-precision gear meter. 

Our customer now benefits significantly from the variety of test options provided by the new test bench. Many different scenarios can now be loaded, in order to check the plain bearings in detail for all the requested key figures. Thanks to a solid and competent contact person, both for hydraulics and the electrical control, our customer was assured a perfect overview of the project at all times.   

The most important thing about the project:

  • Implementation time: September 2017 to January 2018. 
  • Customer requirements: Oil supply at the test specimen, independent pressure and volume flow control, specific temperature and pressure specifications. 
  • Our solution: 
    Flow rate: 1-20 l/min
    Pressure: 1-20 bar
    Temperature ranges: 25-70°C
    Control: Beckoff control
    Motor-pump: 3 motor-pump combination controlled by means of frequency converters. 
  • Special features: Fluid viscosity of 320 mm2 / s.

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