Test stand for filter housing with hydraulic supply and controller.

Prüfstand für Filtergehäuse

Reliable constant pressure testing within a very short time and in extremely different temperature ranges.

We delivered the complete hydraulics for a test stand used in the quality monitoring of filter housings on behalf of a long-term existing customer. 

A particular challenge here was the very different test temperatures of -40 to +150°C which the installed test system had to withstand at all times. The leak tightness should be tested statically up to 100 bar and dynamically up to 40 bar at 15 Hz. It was also important for the customer that up to four filter housings can be tested in parallel. All the test technology had to be installed in the specified control cabinet in a visually appealing manner, naturally complying with all regulations for noise reduction during continuous operation.

Separate hydraulic circuits as key

Owing to the very different temperature ranges, we decided on division into two hydraulic circuits: the control and the test loop. Both are separated from one another by high-quality pressure reducers. Tests at room temperature are carried out via the control loop with standard components, the test is carried out in the low-temperature range by means of a climatic chamber in the test loop. The pressure testing at particularly high temperatures is implemented via four separate circulating pumps and a built-in heating system. Capsulated circulating pumps with special magnetic couplings and tight shut-off valves are used for the leak tightness testing or testing for leakproofness. The entire test process is controlled with the aid of high-quality temperature and pressure measurement technology.

Highest requirements for the hydraulic medium.

Precisely in the case of constant pressure tests with large temperature differences, the correct selection of the test oil substantially determines the degree of effectiveness and economic efficiency. Accordingly, we exclusively used hydraulic oils here which are perfectly designed for high and low temperature ranges. 

The result is a highly-efficient and reliable test stand system, with clear time savings when testing the filter housing and evaluating the test results.

The most important information about the project:

  • Implementation time: May 2017 - November 2017
  • Client requirements: Constant pressure testing for filter housing, static leak tightness testing up to 100 bar, dynamically from 0 - 40 bar.
  • Our solution: Test stand with two hydraulic circuits, separate circulating pumps and heating system, use of special test oil for different temperatures, flow filtering
  • Special features: Testing in temperature ranges of -40 up to +150 degrees

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