Oil servicing for your hydraulics – fewer breakdowns, more efficiency.


Reduce contamination at the source.

Whether oil mixing, overheating, wear particles or water in your oil – roughly 80 percent of machinery problems are lubrication-related. Particulate material and impurities can damage components permanently and reduce the efficiency of your system. But now there are reliable and cost-effective options for checking and optimizing the purity of your hydraulic oil with minimal effort. Our experienced service team support you on-site and in the lab, providing expert consultancy, with all the necessary analysis and cleaning protocols. We ensure optimum lubrication conditions, saving you costly repairs, downtime and unnecessary oil changes.

Range of oil services

Everything you need to make your hydraulic oil and lubricants cleaner and more effective.


Oil analysis

Identifying sources of contamination, calculating the degree of contamination and creating bases for decision-making

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Oil cleaning

Everything required to restore the purity of your oil – from filtration right through to oil changes

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Hydrauliköle & Ölzubehör

Hydraulic oils & oil accessories

Proven top-of-the-line quality for maximum performance and efficiency

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That’s why it pays to keep your oil clean.

The higher the quality and purity of your hydraulic oil, the less of it is needed, the longer it lasts and the less waste oil you need to dispose of.

Longer service life, less wear

The fewer foreign particles in the oil, the less damage done to components.

Early damage detection

Oil analyses deliver early indications of potential damage and faults in the system.

Lubricant lasts longer

In addition to the quality of hydraulic oil, regular oil cleaning and oil checks reduce the oil change frequency. 

Reduced costs

In addition to saving on the costs of unnecessary oil changes and related disposal, you can cut down on machine downtime and repair costs.

Environmentally-friendly, less waste oil

Optimization of oil change intervals and a more environmentally-conscious use of oil reduces oil consumption and thus the amount of waste oil for disposal.

Enhanced machine and energy efficiency

Energy-efficient and temperature-resistant high-performance oils with an improved viscosity index can boost the performance of your machinery.