Spontaneous and powerful: Cytropac - Rental Unit

Whether for spontaneous work, machine downtime or other maintenance work: With the innovative Cytropac rental unit, you get fast and uncomplicated help.

Just imagine, your hydraulic system breaks down, but production must continue at all costs - or: You need reliable hydraulic technology that is not tied to a specific location, i.e. mobile. With our rental unit we can help you easily and at a reasonable price.

Designed by our engineers, we use only the highest brand quality.


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  • For all hydraulic applications with required volume flow of 1-21 l/min and max. 180 bar.
  • Latest Bosch Rexroth technology
  • Technical data:
    • 4 kW
    • 5,5 ccm
    • Pmax 180 bar
    • Vmax 22 l/min
    • Premium sensor technology
  • Unit can be mounted on an existing control system, but can also be configured.
  • Large energy savings possible: up to 80% for clamping functions.
  • Low-noise operation due to enclosure.
  • No water cooling necessary.
  • Flexible, e.g. by lift truck, can be used everywhere.

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