5 ways to save energy with Knoll Hydraulik

Energie sparen mit Knoll Hydraulik

Would you like to save energy, time and money? - We can help you do so.

Energy and raw material prices are rising. Every euro that can be saved helps in your private life, but also in your company. Efficient system planning, low-wear parts, regular inspections, preventive maintenance as well as preventive servicing help you and your hydraulic systems to minimise unplanned downtimes, save energy, personnel deployment and thus ultimately cash. Let us help you with this!


We can help you with the following 5 ways:

  1. Retrofit of your system:
    Retrofitting is often the more sensible alternative to purchasing a new hydraulic machine or system. Outdated but reliable systems are equipped with the latest technology and can continue to be used. We make your system fit!

  2. Replacement of energy-intensive components:
    By replacing outdated components with new, contemporary technologies, Knoll Hydraulik brings existing systems up to the latest state of the art. This not only extends the service life of your system, but also increases its effectiveness, saves energy costs and reduces emissions.
  3. New project? - Selection of energy-saving building components:
    Energy-efficient planning is possible right from the start. We show you potential savings and product alternatives that require much less energy in the long run.
  4. Replacement and new planning of a plant:
    There are new requirements for your existing plant or it is no longer profitable despite all the possibilities? - Then let us plan a modern and efficient system together. Technology develops, components become more effective and consume less energy. We deliver quality that convinces.

  5. Fast spare parts and repair service:
    Even after joint planning and implementation, Knoll Hydraulik is there for you: We have thousands of components immediately in stock. Our service team is quickly on site. Downtimes are minimised. We help you!


Did you know that most of the units designed by Knoll Hydraulik have been in continuous use for more than a decade?
This shows the quality and sustainable approach you can count on from us. Take advantage of the opportunity to save time and money.

Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Your team from the Knoll Hydraulik Group


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