Hydraulic supply for a municipal cleaning vehicle.

Hydraulikversorgung für ein kommunales Reinigungsfahrzeug.

Less wear at maximum pressure limitation – hydraulic drive solutions for municipal vehicles.

Commissioned by a long-standing customer, we realized a complete hydraulic supply for a municipal sweeper vehicle, including all hydraulic drives of the generator, exhaust fan, sweeper brushes and control functions. The implementation of the required pressure and speed settings as well as the integration for an economic soft start were a special challenge, which we managed successfully and to our customer's complete satisfaction, in only 3 months.

State of the art pump technologies for effective cleaning functions.

The generator and exhaust fan are driven by a powerful 63 ccm radial piston pump, a remote pressure regulator as well as the appropriate Q-max limitation. The pump itself functions as a drive unit for a hydraulic motor, which operates both the generator and the exhaust fan via toothed belts. Additional functions, such as the brush drive or accurate lifting, lowering or shifting of the sweepers, are implemented via robust external gear pumps with selected flow rates. The pressure can be adjusted needs-based to the desired function via a proportional pressure control valve. At the same time, the speed of the sweeper brushes can be individually varied with proportional flow control valves. 

The clear advantage of the system is the effective usage of the sweeping machine with minimum wear. Thanks to the purely hydraulic functioning of the sweeping system, it is possible to realize an efficient overload protection with maximum pressure limitation. If the machine hits a curb or if a brush wedges, the machine stops immediately and thus prevents damage to the sweeping unit.

The most important information about the project:

  • Implementation time: January 2019 – March 2019
  • Client requirements: Drive solution for generator and exhaust fan, drive for four sweeper brushes, including the shifting and lifting of the brushes  
  • Our solution: Combination of pumps (94 l/min + 16 l/min + 16 l/min + 8 l/min flow rate), system pressures of 200 or 80 bar respectively and motor power of 40 kW
  • Special features: Soft start, variable pressure and speed setting of the sweeping brushes

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