Hydraulic tensioning station for a rock conveyor in tunnel construction.

Hydraulische Spannstation

Consistent tension, fast transport of the rock. 

From February 2016 in the course of a tunneling project in southern Austria, a multi-kilometer long rock conveyor with hydraulic bladder accumulator plants from EUROFLUID is in use.

We were commissioned by a well-known project developer in underground engineering for the complete implementation of a hydraulic tensioning station for a tunneling project in southern Austria. Alongside the fast removal of the mass of rubble from the tunnel boring machine, the rock conveyor had to be held permanently at a specified tension tolerance

The particular challenge here lay on the one hand in the length of the rock conveyor, and on the other hand in the constantly changing position where the stone had to be transported from. This changed with the progress of the tunnel boring machine – as the tunnel building process proceeded, the conveyor became correspondingly longer.

How we solved the problem:

With our bladder accumulator plant, immediate pressure is available to operate the cylinder used to maintain the tension of the conveyor.

After designing the hydraulic bladder accumulator plant for the required operating pressure, and after calculating the position of the hydraulic cylinder, it was made ready for operation in the tunneling site. A 500 l oil tank ensures the necessary oil volumes for the hydraulic system. This allows a pressure of up to 175 bar to be realized. The commissioning and adjustment was carried out by EUROFLUID employees on-site in the tunnel.

By the way: our in-house designed, EUROFLUID bladder accumulator systems are already proving themselves in numerous tunneling projects in Austria and Norway.

The most important points about the project:

  • Implementation time: from December 2015 until February 2016.
  • Customer requirements: adherence to the specified tension tolerances and fast removal of the rock.
  • Our solution: hydraulic bladder accumulator plant.
  • Special features: varying position of the transport material, varying length of the conveyor.
  • Advantages: permanent, fast removal with consistent tension.


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Friedrich Schwabel

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