Hydraulic units for a biogas dry fermentation plant.

Hydraulikaggregate für Trockenvergärungsanlagen zur Biogaserzeugung.

Optimal biogas yield owing to specially-constructed paddle agitators and stepless actuator design.

Due to its reputation and market presence in the metal industry, our Austrian group member, Eurofluid was commissioned by a renowned producer in field of environmental technology to construct a hydraulic unit for dry fermentation plants.
This unique environmental technology allowed our customer to convert waste into clean biogas energy. Based on the construction and planning data provided, we took on the technical concept, the engineering and the design and finish of the complete hydraulics.

This is how we solved the task:

We decided on a stepless design of the actuators for this project using proportional valve technology. In addition to the targeted dosing of input and output materials as well as the drainage of the fermentation residues via our special Eurofluid units, we were able to implement the design efficiently and in particular with little noise. Pressure, level and temperature monitoring were instrumentalized. One of the many special features of the unit is for example the design of the gear double pump during quiet running and the extremely low-vibration bearing of the hydraulic system. After only seven months of project duration, the plant was able to be completed in the customer’s own metal works, integrated into the biogas plant for the end customer and put into operation for the first time.

The most important thing about the project:

  • Implementation time: October 2017 to April 2018.
  • Customer requirements: Hydraulic equipment for turnkey dry fermentation plant for generating biogas.
  • Our solution: Oil tank volume 250 l, single proportional way valve for piston pump 80 bar. Multi proportional way valve for knife gate valves 120 bar, gear double pump with 93 + 16 l/min delivery output.
  • Special features: 
Quiet running design, targeted dosing of input and output materials, stepless actuator design.


Markus Koppensteiner

Project manager
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Markus Koppensteiner

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