High-precision 4 axis hydraulic power unit for RUCKS thermoform press.

Hydraulikaggregat für Thermoformpressen

Maximum machine safety thanks to position-monitored valve technology and a customer-specific synchronization control.

Hydraulic power units for thermoform presses need to meet highest requirements in terms of dynamics and precision in axis control. Like in the case of our long-term customer, RUCKS Maschinenbau GmbH in Saxony. The company has been manufacturing customized presses and automation solutions for the European market for over 175 years. During the course of a current project we were tasked with the development and construction of a complete hydraulic power unit for a thermoform cell or thermoform press.

In addition to the machine safety, the customer's key requirements included the precise synchronization of the unit's four axes as well as the option to control each one separately.

Our solution: installation space-optimized high precision hydraulics, designed for extreme temperature ranges.

In only 18 weeks we developed and installed the complete hydraulic power unit including the hydraulic feed device for the fiber composite semi-finished products. In addition to the customer's technical specifications we of course also had to take into account the existing installation space during the planning.

The synchronization of the four aggregate axes (cylinder 160/100-250) takes place via four position assemblies each and Bosch Rexroth control valves, which can be controlled precisely and individually. The integrated circuit memory provides the individual valves with 280 bar. The monitoring of the emergency stop control via position-monitored seat valves with safety position switches ensures the safe emergency stop of the press and feed. The entire coolant filter cycle with plate heat exchangers and heat recovery is designed particularly energy-efficient – an important aspect which will pay off during the machine running time with each new pressing process.

The most important information about the project:

  • Implementation time: March 2018 - July 2018. 
  • Client requirements: Synchronization control of 4 axes, each of which controlled individually. 
  • Our solution: Axis control with four control valves from Bosch Rexroth, position-monitored valve technology, radial piston pump 45 ccm/U 280 bar, memory board with 10 l memory, coolant filter cycle with plate heat exchanger and heat recovery.
  • Special features: Exceptionally dynamic and precise axis control.

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