Hydraulic supply solution for a production center within just two months.

Hydraulikversorgung Fertigung

Express hydraulics when it matters the most – Machine downtime meant we manufactured a ready-to-install replacement unit in record time.

Our experienced customer service proves the point, especially when our clients need it the most. This was the experience of one of our long-standing existing clients. The client required a replacement as quickly as possible as a supply unit in their production facilities had failed unexpectedly. We were therefore promptly tasked with implementing a hydraulic unit with an integrated combination of pumps. During the production process, all the safety functions were to be updated and the container size was to be adapted to 400 l. This was a requirement that demanded our utmost, in light of the limited installation space and tight timeframe.

Hydraulic supply solution with an integrated vane pump and its own cooling circuit.

When planning the project, we opted for a powerful 75 l/min vane pump as the drive solution; a 32 l bladder accumulator was installed in the unit too. To update the safety functions, we connected a safety block with two serial position-monitored valves in front of it. A cooling circuit was also installed to ensure continuous unit operation, even at high capacity. Because of the compact arrangement of the components and smart positioning using 3D design data, all the installation space requirements were met 100%.

Given the client’s tight schedule, the control blocks were delivered separately in advance. Exactly eight weeks after we received the order, the new hydraulic supply solution was put into operation. We were thus able to minimize our client’s machine downtime thanks to extremely short assembly and delivery times.

The key information about the project:

  • Implementation time: April to July 2019
  • Client requirements: The fastest possible implementation of a supply unit with an integrated pump solution and safety functions  
  • Our solution: A combination of pumps with a volume flow of 75 l/min, system pressure of 70 bar, motor power of 15 kW, its own cooling circuit and a 10 µm pressure filter 
  • Special feature: fast implementation within just eight weeks

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