New filter and cooling system with a tank volume of 10,000 liters.

Filter- und Kühlanlage

No foaming, maximum process monitoring - hydraulics for extreme conditions in steel production.

A long-standing customer commissioned with the replacement of an existing filter and cooling system. The new hydraulic system was to be installed in a steel mill for scaffolding gear applications. The significant foaming of the gear oil was a particular challenge for us, as we needed to recycle the liquid used without air for the pre-run.

No compromise on safety:

In addition to the redundant function of the pump used, the customer had high requirements on the monitoring functions such as system pressure, flow, level and dirt particles. Also, the temperature and cooling of the gear oil needed to be reliably ensured.

A powerful, custom-made hydraulic system.

Particularly robust 940 cc screw pumps were used, which could each be connected differently. Fully electronic sensors and permanent magnet rods in the return ensure the monitoring of the desired machine parameters. The oil is homogeneously tempered via 4 tank installation-heaters of 1 kW each. A sophisticated perforated plate arrangement as well as a labyrinth-technical oil flow guides allow for optimal air separation. For the high tank volume of 10,000 liters we manufactured a double-walled HBV oil container including collection tray according to VAwS - of course also certified by TÜV and acceptance according to WHG. 

A new filter system ensures the clean and air-free cleaning treatment of the gear oil. Pressure and volume flows can be transferred again without limitations and the negative effect of contamination and foaming.

In addition to the large size of the unit, the high empty weight of approx. 8 tons was also a great technical and logistical feat, which we were able to manage on time thanks to the good cooperation on site. After only 11 months of constructive planning, construction and installation work, the filter and cooling unit could be taken into operation in July 2018.

The most important thing about the project:

  • Implementation time: September 2017 until July 2018.
  • Customer requirements: Replacement of an old cooling and filter system, maximum process monitoring, prevention of gear oil foaming.
  • Our solution: Hydraulic unit with temperature control and 940 cc screw pump.
  • Special features: Special production of a large volume 10,000 l oil tank. High empty weight of over 8 tons.


Franz Riesbeck

Managing Partner
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Franz Riesbeck

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