Test bench with hydraulic supply for hydro appliances in trams.

Prüfstand mit Hydraulikversorgung für Hydrogeräte in Straßenbahnen.

Up to 200 brake components – tested securely, reliably and in one compact system.

In 2017, a long-standing customer and renowned manufacturer of brake systems for rail vehicles tasked us with developing and manufacturing a hydraulic test bench for various hydro brake components in trams.

In addition to the regular functional check of up to 200 different brake components in different test modes, the particular challenge lay in accommodating all the components and test processes in a test bench which was compact and mobile at the same time.

This is how we solved the task:

In just four months, we developed and manufactured a test bench with complex tubing and an external hydraulic supply unit. To reach the different pressure stages, a combination of internal gear pumps was used in conjunction with diaphragm accumulators and spring mechanisms. Proportional pressure reduction valves and pressure sensors guarantee reliable statements on the tightness, function, pressure stage, control function and control time – even during high test frequencies.

The hydraulic test bench is designed for use throughout Europe and can be put to flexible use in the customer’s individual locations thanks to its mobility.   

The most important thing about the project:

  • Implementation time:
    September 2017 to March 2018. 
  • Customer requirements: Testing of approx. 150 to 200 different brake components, easy changeover between the units, testing the tightness, function, pressure stages, control function and control times. 
  • Our solution: 
    Flow rate: 15 l/min / 5 l/min
    Pressure: 210 bar
    Temperature range: 25 – 50°C
    Control: Krayer / Elas
    Motor pump: Combination of internal pump gears
    Cooling: Oil / air coolers, 0.25 kW
    Filtration: Return double changeover filter with 10 µm and pressure double changeover filter with 3 µm. 
    Special features: Fluid viscosity of 320 mm2 / s.

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