The new generation of hydraulic test bench for EOL testing.

Die neue Generation des Hydraulikprüfstands zur EOL-Prüfung.

How a new generation of test benches immediately saves space and costs in the case of valve testing.

As a long-time partner in hydraulic test bench fitting, a well-known automotive supplier commissioned us to fit a hydraulic test bench, including all hydraulic controllers and servo motors.

Testing technology must operate reliably and precisely when there are high quality specifications. The requirements on the part of our customer were equally high. Eight test chambers in total were supposed to be supplied with oil from the unit. 
Bypass switching blocks, temperature control of the test receiving device and the long service life and failure safety of the plant were at the forefront during planning. In order to be able to install the unit directly under the test bench, it was also necessary to construct a particularly compact and space-saving system solution. 

This is how we solved the task:

Even before manufacturing began, a test structure was assembled in order to test the theoretic design and to gain experience for series production. Unlike older test bench generations, we consciously decided against the installation of additional control valves. Instead, the pressure and volume control is carried out via a pumping station which is fitted with an integrated MS2N Bosch Rexroth servo motor and inner gear pumps for two-quadrant operation. Volume flows are individually measured via a gear volume meter for each chamber and all pressures are directly recorded at the test object. A pumping station with a screw spindle pump ensures the regular flushing of the hot channels in the receiving device. 2/2 way seated valves with downstream screens are used on the valve plane, the cooling filter circuit is carried out by means of flow heaters and oil water cooling. 

In order to design the hydraulics to save as much space as possible and to design the installation surface to be as small as possible, we divided the pumping station into two units which can be arranged on the right and left under the test bench. Fill level control between the two units ensures the balancing of the different return flows.

 The entire project, from planning, assembly to initial operation was entirely completed by us and with designated contact partners. The pipework and installation of components was also carried out in close cooperation with our customer directly on-site.

The most important thing about the project:

  • Implementation time:
    July 2017 to February 2018.
  • Customer requirements:
    Hydraulic unit for EOL testing of a hydraulic valve. Oil supply for 8 test chambers. Independent pressure and volume flow control for each chamber.
  • Our solution:
    Oil tank volume 2 X 180 l pressure: 0–80 bar at 0.2–18 l/min. Drive: 2 x 8 Bosch Rexroth servo motors. Heating: 2 flow heaters with 2 kW output.
  • Special features:
    ​​​​​​​Assembly of a test structure to test the theoretical design. Stainless steel container with heat insulation. Pressure control via converters and servo motor.


Fabian Holler

Hydraulics project manager
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Fabian Holler

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